Past and Current Clients

Below is a sample list of clients and project sites for recently completed and current projects.

LandscapeBaseline Wildlife Monitoring for Two Potential Wind Farm Sites in Southeast Wyoming: Surveys include extensive raptor and passerine bird surveys using point-count methodology in addition to sage-grouse lek surveys and big game use surveys.

Evolving Gold Corporation: Baseline raptor, sage-grouse, threatened and endangered species surveys for gold exploration project.

Titan Uranium USA Inc. and Wright Environmental Services:  Wildlife surveys to permit a proposed re-opening of a uranium mine in central Wyoming.

Mountain Cement Co.: Limestone mine permit extensions (wildlife sections) to submit to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, and annual raptor monitoring and mitigation program.

Bentonite Performance Minerals: Vegetation and wildlife sections for various bentonite mine permit addendums and extensions submitted to the Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality.

American Colloid Company: Bond release vegetation surveys for bentonite mines in northeastern Wyoming.

City of Laramie and DOLW HKM: Wetland Delineation and Wetland Mitigation for the City of Laramie Pipeline Project to meet permit requirements with the Army Corps of Engineers with subsequent monitoring.

toadGuernsey State Park Bison Introduction Environmental Assessment: Prepare the EA for planned introduction of bison at the Guernsey State Park. 

State of Wyoming Storage Tank Program: Threatened and endangered species clearance and cultural resource clearance for proposed remediation sites.  Real West has completed STP projects for Inberg-Miller Engineers, TriHydro Corporation, Maxim Technologies, Inc., Delta Environmental Consultants, Inc., Respec, Inc., Seacor International, Inc., CGRS, Inc., LT Environmental, Antea Group, Stantec Services, Inc., and Fremont Environmental.

U.S. Bentonite Processing, Inc.: Vegetation and Wildlife surveys for State of Wyoming Dept of Environmental Quality permitting for various bentonite mine sites.

Land Recyclers, Inc.: Threatened and Endangered Species review and analysis for proposed cell tower construction on sites in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Minnesota. 

Wildlife Surveys for proposed coalbed methane sites in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin for: EMATS, Inc., J.M Huber Corp., Black Diamond, CH4 Energy, Inc., Baker Energy, Inc., Pearl Development, and CBM Associates, Inc: Real West conducted environmental evaluations, Threatened and Endangered species surveys, sage-grouse lek surveys, and habitat assessments of proposed coalbed methane well sites in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and southeastern Montana.

Sinclair Oil Pipeline: Environmental compliance monitor to ensure compliance with all stormwater control measures and threatened and endangered species stipulations for a 102-mile pipeline construction project in central Wyoming.

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality – Abandoned Mine Lands Program: National Environmental Policy (NEPA) clearance and compliance coordinator for numerous abandoned mine sites throughout Wyoming.

rattlerWyoming Natural Diversity Database and the State Office of the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management: Species Assessments for the midget faded rattlesnake, bald eagle, ferruginous hawk, trumpeter swan, and whooping crane.

Colorado Bureau of Land Management: Biological Assessment for the Least Tern, Piping Plover, Arkansas Darter, and Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse

Wyoming Bureau of Land Management: Biological Assessment for the Pygmy Rabbit, Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, and Whooping Crane.

Biological Assessment and Evaluation for South Dakota Broadcasting Microwave Tower Site (Subcontractor to Land Recyclers, Inc.)  Conducted site surveys and reporting for a proposed microwave tower on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands of the Nebraska National Forest.