Real West assists companies and government entities in compliance with the Endangered Species Act, aspects of the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. Real West also conducts wildlife and vegetation surveys and wetland delineations and aquatic resource inventories.  Further information for each of these services is provided below.

Black-footed ferret

Black-footed ferret

Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitat Surveys

Real West has extensive experience in conducting Threatened and Endangered (T&E) surveys for both plants and wildlife from the black-footed ferrets to sage-grouse and Ute-ladies’ tresses.  Real West is U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service certified to conduct or supervise field searches for the endangered black-footed ferret; permitted to conduct surveys for the threatened Preble’s meadow jumping mouse; and approved to conduct surveys for the endangered Wyoming toad.

Great-horned owlet

Great-horned owlet

Wildlife Surveys

Real West has extensive experience conducting a wide range of wildlife surveys from raptor nest surveys to passerine bird point-count surveys, lagomorph night surveys, and amphibian and reptile netting. Whether to establish a baseline for pre-mining conditions or determine wildlife areas of concern prior to disturbance activities, Real West has experience in a multitude of habitats from prairies and riparian corridors to alpine and sub-alpine montane zones.

penstemon2Vegetation Surveys

Real West conducts baseline vegetation surveys to establish vegetative cover pre-mining as well as post-mining surveys to determine reclamation success.  Real West has extensive experience in sagebrush and prairie grassland habitats as well as riparian habitats, woodlands, and rock outcrops/cushion habitats.



Real West conducts wetland delineations and has prepared wetland mitigation plans to enhance and create new wetlands. Real West West utilizes procedures outlined in the 1987 Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual and the Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Arid West Region. Delineations involve analysis of vegetation, soils and hydrology.

Prairie dogPermiting

Real West has extensive experience in preparing the Vegetation and Wildlife Sections for mine permit applications to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.  The bulk of Real West’s experience is with non-coal mining from bentonite and uranium mines to smaller limestone and gravel quarries.

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