Chimney Park

chimney parkThe Chimney Park trails are located about 9 miles west of Woods Landing, off of U.S. Highway 230. These trails are groomed weekly by the U.S. Forest Service with both a flat portion for skating and snowshoeing and then classic tracks as well.  Note to showshoers: Please don’t walk in the classic tracks (the two parallel tracks).



1/14/18 from Jim Robinson: Fresh snow fell on the trails last Friday with depths ranging from 4 inches of powder on the Woods Creek and Porter trails and 6 inches in the vicinity of the Lodgepole and Jelm View trails.  On Sunday morning, depth at the trailhead snow gauge indicated 13-14 inches of a base.  All of the trails have classic tracks in place except for the eastern portion of the Porter Trail that has seen extensive snowmobile use.  There are just a few trees that have blown down across the trails and are easy to navigate around.  There also a few areas that are showing gravel in spots but these tend to be the windblown spots that are always problematic.  Ninety-nine percent of the trails are covered adequately.